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DS106: Letter home – week one

May 29, 2012

Hey folks

Missing you loads from over here by the lake, with the conifers humming and guitar strings waving in the breeze….

First week at camp! As you know the flight from England was a little delayed so I arrived after everyone else, but the camp directors have been great at welcoming me and making sure that I’m set up to receive all the class info and swimming times.

So far I’ve sussed out a few of the gems of the camp, especially doing cross country on Sunday which I ran in a PB  – check out some of our team’s movement pics here. Mine’s a wedding pic which I thought was a dud – but new friends have helped me see things differently and realise that a photo can be beautiful even if it’s not quite how you planned it. As a natural organiser, that’s a revelation!

You’ll be pleased to hear I’ve also made some connections.  Over Monday’s muffins, I shared a pic of the train sign from last weekend which was more about how an image needs to be ‘connected’ than the theme itself, but also contained a cheesy pun related to both railways and the theme of the day (groan).

It’s not all marshmallows and campfires, though – today’s annoying noise task left me contemplating that the sounds that annoy us seem to fall into two categories.  On a primal level, we’ve got the pitchy squeaks that offend our ears by being too unrefined, too unlike the rise and fall of the human voice, like my screeching violin example. And on a more thoughtful level we’ve got the ones like Mikeberta’s clock ticking, which demands a more cognitive response.

One thing that I’d like to get from next week is a bit more feedback from my fellow campers – but with bunkhouse buddies released today I’ve no doubt my new gang will be chatty bedfellows!

Must dash, the lake’s open for swimming so I’m off to practise my (s)crawl…

Love to you all


This post is a summary of week one of an online digital storytelling course

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  1. May 29, 2012 11:32 pm

    Great first letter home — I”m sure your folks are enjoying the update. You did a great job weaving together all the components of last week into a coherent camp story! Not an easy task — meta narrative FTW!

  2. May 30, 2012 3:12 pm

    Like Martha said you did a great job of putting together the assignments we did into a fun to read narrative. Looking forward to more from you 🙂

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