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Turning a photo into a drawing

June 8, 2012

Task for digital storytelling course DS106 was to transform a photo into a drawing.

Here’s the original – I chose a photo that meant something to me (this is a friend’s baby) and that had plenty of light and dark areas.


Using Serif PhotoPlus (don’t ask, it came with my computer), I wanted to see if you could represent the curve of skin as effectively through digital shading as you can with a pencil….

I tried this two ways: firstly, by using the pencil draw quick-fix tool under the Artistic menu.  It didn’t work out that well, as you can see:


It basically looks like a slightly over-exposed black and white photo.

I then followed J-rabbit’s excellent tutorial which got me much close to the effect I was hoping for….


It needs a little more grainyness, and perhaps some more dark areas to really show the potential of the shading, but overall I think this is a good start. It captures the fragility and paleness of a baby much better than a photo does, I think.   Thanks J-Rabbit!

visual assignment – for 2 stars on DS106

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