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Five things you didn’t know about Qatar

October 10, 2012

Until 1am last night when I landed there on the way east, I thought Doha was in the United Arab Emirates.

Time to do some reading up! Among the souvenir camel puppets and mouse mats made up to look like prayer carpets, I perused the Qatar coffee table books. Here’s what I found out….

1. Is Qatar the luckiest land mass ever? First came pearls, then came oil, now it’s gas…

2. It follows that… the people here are the richest in the world, per capita based on gross domestic product

3. Qatar sticks out of Saudia Arabia a bit like Denmark sticks out of Europe

4.  Doha airport is a massive international hub where you’re ferried around according to your colour coded boarding pass – clever, eh!

5.  There are more foreigners here than there are native Qataris

After an hour in the airport, I was off out of Doha, without any camel souvenirs.  But at least I know where it is now.

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  1. liz yeeles permalink
    October 10, 2012 4:44 pm

    Glad you didnt waste any time sleeping in the airport!!!

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