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Comparing Bank Holidays

October 30, 2012

Things that made this bank holiday a bit like a British bank holiday

The rain. Sloppy, slushing, swirling rain that gets through your trainers to your double-layer of socks, and then makes your toes wrinkly.  Rain that sends your umbrella inside out and then breaks it.  Rain that means you never, ever want to see another swimming pool.

The breakfast. Fried egg and bacon, thank you very much!

The hotel. King Fern Cottage was a little cosy retreat in the greenery, warmed by a wood fire.

Uno. I am equally unskilled at this in any language!

Things that made me go ‘ooh heck I really am having a poya day in Sri Lanka’

Our walk this afternoon.  Up through the mist past houses guarded by dogs and giant cacti, along a path decorated with nasturtiums, anemone and geraniums growing wild.

The service station.  Threading through queues for Bombay mix, short eats (pastries) and tea, we found the toilets: a windowless room, pitch black, which relied on ladies bringing their own torches to locate the two squatters. Nice.

The bus ride.  It won’t be the last hair-raising journey I do in Sri Lanka but being the first, I ended up singing ‘Edelweiss’ to keep myself sane as I swung off the bus handles for 3 hours.

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  1. litlot1981 permalink
    October 30, 2012 11:59 am

    Ha ha, were you singing Edelweiss out loud? Also what does poya mean? King Fern Cottage looks exotic xx

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