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After the rain

December 19, 2012

fliesIt happens every time.  The moment the rain stops, a few stray flies sneak in from the showers, then more, until a whole army of meru  flies attacks any shining light.  Each about 5 cm long, they comprise a ringed, hornet-like body and oversized wings flapping zealously. They swarm densely, so you can barely walk or sit or stand without becoming a lighthouse for them.  A fly frenzy. But within an hour their pointless quest is over and activity stops: they lie dead, strewn across the floor.  That’s when the ants move in for the clean-up operation, lifting their giant prizes on to their backs to transport them, or simply chomping away in public, so that within hours there’s a cemetery of battered wings where all those insects have been.

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  1. December 19, 2012 11:28 am

    How strange, does it rain every day? Do the ants clean everything up or do you have to get involved?

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